1x 10 minutes 14 Euro/ per person

1x 15 minutes 21 Euro/per person

1x 20 minutes 28 Euro/ per person

10x = 11x10 minutes 140 Euro

200ccm/ 8HP HUBI – KARTS are used.

We beg you to call us even for a single race, so we are able to prevent you from waiting time!



Available at the reception

The sum you have chosen is worn in by at the receptionist.


Open Race 270ccm/ 11PS HUBI - KART

Every Tuesday 9:00 pm – 9:30 pm

10 minutes qualification and 20 minutes race for only 38 Euro/ per kart

In case of not using a booked service you have to pay cancellation fees of 30%.

Einzelfahrten im Kartcenter Kottingbrunn